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Saria is a French/Lebanese architect, artist and designer. She graduated from  the Lebanese American University's School of Architecture and Design in 2014. She then complemented her degree in Architecture with a Masters in Design for Performance and Interaction at the Bartlett, UCL in 2019.


Saria is interested in cybernetics and cognitive neuroscience exploring the relationship of memory and perceptive agency in kinetic environments. Her research was consolidated in the recent publication of her graduate thesis, Chasing Existence, and completion of her graduate project In Rhythmic Fragments. Her thesis project was exhibited at the Tate (London), Ars Electronica (Linz), Samsung (London).

Saria has been collaborating with her partner Dalia Today-Michael since 2019 on a series of interactive installations. They have founded their design consultancy studio - radials - producing kinetic environments that interact and perform with light, architecture and digital data.

A Lebanon registered, London-based architect, Saria has over 5 years of professional consultancy experience in Architecture. She worked on local and international projects of multiple scales and domains, from initial concept and design development to project execution and closeout. Saria is currently exploring data driven kinetic installations as part of the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett.

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