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Position:              Collaborating Architect

Project status:     Study phase / Construction phase -on site architect


The project is a beach resort with residential chalets, it is located in Halat, Lebanon. and the total area of the project is of 5 000 sqm. The project is still evolving, execution files are in process and the basement is already built on site.

Built along an expansive 220 meter long sea front side, this resort hotel includes thirty rooms, a restaurant and a private beach. Each living unit is enveloped in a double height concrete shell planted in the sand. The principal screen for this seafront plot is a palm grove, a vegetal mesh that filters the light between rooms and traces the outlines of the walkways between them.


I was a collaborate architect on this project, worked on the development of the project, worked on the execution drawings, rendered plans for presentations, site supervision, worked on model making of the project. 

HAT 3.jpg
HAT 2.jpg
HAT 1.jpg
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