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Samir Khairallah & Partners

Beirut, Lebanon

2017 - 2018

Position:              Project Architect

Project status:     Study phase / Shop Drawings

The project is a residential building located in Ashrafieh, Lebanon.

The building has 13 floors and 5 basements and is currently under construction.

It is composed of 6 types of apartments: 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms (2 types), 1 bedroom and duplex apartments (2 and 3 bedrooms).


The skin of the building is a concrete grid that allows us to read the interior functions of each apartment. In fact, we created a system for the facade that gave us this outcome: for example all of the reception areas have a full glass facade, the master bedrooms have 2 glass panels and one wood panel, the bedrooms have one glass panel and 2 wood panels, all of the kitchens have steel louvers. The finish of the sides of the building is stone and farefaced concrete.


Working on this project was very beneficial for me because I took part of it from the very begining, from concept phase to execution drawings. In collaboration with the structural engineer, the electrical engineer, the mechanical engineer, the client, Apave (technical control of the building) and abiding by the rules and regulations of the french code I had the permit drawings done and the execution drawings done from general plans to detail drawings. The project was very interesting because it was all based on a system and a grid, it was a challenge to design  multiple types of apartments and finding solutions for the electro mechanical and structural --- to work, unlike the usual residential buildings that usually have identical floor plans.

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