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Byblos Seaside

Samir Khairallah & Partners


2017 - 2018

Position:              Collaborating Architect

Project status:     Study phase

Located in Byblos right on the coast of the meditarranean sea, the private beach resort consists of 4 units - approximately 16 apartments per unit - distributed on 2 different levels. The lot is only 10 meters away from the seashore which gives all apartments direct and full views of the sea.


What is giving the project identity is the existence of many layers of the project in a seamless experience in a way that the roof might be experienced as a ground lobby and roof top at once which you could apply as well on the entrances of the specific residential units where certain units are emerged through public circulation spaces which articulates the landscaping around which the units exist – the central piazza – which creates a vivacious atmosphere and a community approach.


A prominent and inviting gate identifies the entrance from the main road and a pool creates the “hearth” of the public space, where the earlier mentioned comunity gathers.

byblos 1.jpg
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