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In Rhythmic Fragments (1)



Modifying spaces from mechanic mundanity to lively contemplation: In Rhythmic Fragments is a series of architecture-based extension automata engaging mindfulness for public in urban cities across interior and exterior spaces of the everyday. In Rhythmic Fragments (1) is part of a diptych environment comprised of linear ( IRF (1) ) and radial ( IRF (2) ) kinetic sculptures that translate sinusoidal motions into transforming spatial surfaces. Inspired by rhythmic flows observed in natural environment, the space transforms the reflective qualities of light to match the contemplative rhythms of its moving automata as a mediating interactive tool for spatial embodiment of focus and meditation in interior/exterior learning and healing environments. The Project was produced in collaboration with my partner Dalia Todary-Michael at the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett.


 ‘In Rhythmic Fragments’ is a biophilic spatial installation that translates mensurated motions into kinetic architectural boundaries. The installation aims to engage our mind as a physics engine with contemplative content to evoke memory and inspire the sense of being mesmerized.

In a hyper-constructed future where untouched nature is lost, ‘In Rhythmic Fragments’ aims to evoke our perception of and connection to the natural world through interaction with kinetic behaviour in future architectural spaces. As systems theory and gestalt perception thread our observation of motion hand-in-hand, concepts of uniformity and randomness, unison and separation shape our own rhythmic movement from individuals to individuals as part of a broader social group.

Short animation of In Rhythmic Fragments (1) before fabrication.

"It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering

without rhythm in the sphere of life.


Now I know that I am the sphere,

and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.”


                                                                                                                                                               - Khalil Gibran, ‘Sand and Foam’

Short film by Saria Ghaziri and Dalia Todary-Michael for In Rhythmic Fragments (1).

Technical Description:

The structure is a linear free-standing kinetic sculptural automata (1800mm width x 600mm depth x 1800mm height). It  is an A-frame square-tubular steel structure housing a central crank mechanism flanged with one 24V (30-45W operating power) electric DC motor attached on a steel plate frame connection. The full assembled height of the sculpture reaches 2600mm with square-section tubular acrylic components mounted in a piston-mechanical connection on square acrylic rods jointed with the crank mechanical arms at centre height (top and bottom). 

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