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In Rhythmic Fragments (2)



Modifying spaces from mechanic mundanity to lively contemplation: In Rhythmic Fragments is a series of architecture-based extension automata engaging mindfulness for public in urban cities across interior and exterior spaces of the everyday. In Rhythmic Fragments (2) is part of a diptych environment comprised of linear ( IRF (1) ) and radial ( IRF (2) ) kinetic sculptures that translate sinusoidal motions into transforming spatial surfaces. Inspired by rhythmic flows observed in natural environment, the space transforms the reflective qualities of light to match the contemplative rhythms of its moving automata as a mediating interactive tool for spatial embodiment of focus and meditation in interior/exterior learning and healing environments. The Project was produced in collaboration with my partner Dalia Todary-Michael at the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett.

IRF 2 2.jpg

IRF(2) consists of a radial configuration of two autonomous waves driven independently by two sets of string alignment.

Synchronous and asynchronous wave motions were encoded with speed and direction variability. The motion of each wave is determined by the harmony versus chaos of flow and the affinity of variation in movement among the experiencers occupying the space surrounding the automatous fragment. 

The connection to mindfulness is wary of the subjectivity of time perception and being present in momentary space. IRF(2) primes this awareness by shaping the variable interaction between the two waves, changing the form of the autonomous Fragment over time to represent the collective memory of a mindful state. 

Short animation of In Rhythmic Fragments (2) before fabrication.

"It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering

without rhythm in the sphere of life.


Now I know that I am the sphere,

and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.”


                                                                                                                                                               - Khalil Gibran, ‘Sand and Foam’

Short film by Saria Ghaziri and Dalia Todary-Michael for In Rhythmic Fragments (2).

Technical Description:

The structure is a radial free-standing kinetic sculptural automata, it consists of a square-tubular steel columnar frame on a steel base (400mm width x 400mm depth x 2200mm height) comprised of two motorised string and pulley mechanisms driving two wave movements of custom acrylic arm profiles interwoven to form a canopy that sits above the frame to an ultimate height of 270cm. A play of light-and-shadow is performed through illumination and the canopy transforms morphology based on the synchrony and asynchrony of the two interwoven waves driven by two separate motors. The motors of both the linear and radial kinetic sculptures are connected to a sensor-control system comprised of driver cards and a micro-controller, operated by 24V PSUs, enabling motor speed control to interact with the rhythmic flow of people in the space detected by low-resolution camera capture at the site of the installation. 

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